How social networks affect society

Published: 25th February 2011
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Iím sure that if you have found this article than you already know what social networks are, so Iíll save you an explanation. Social Networks were created so people can socialize on the internet through profiles. The first successful social networks were Myspace and Friendster. Twitter and Facebook are now the main attractions of the social networking market. As the years have gone by social networking has become a big part of American society with well over 30 million visitors to social networks a day. What I am here to explain is not what a social network is, but how it impact our society.

In order to explain how social networks affect society, I have to explain what they are used for. You may think they are just used for socializing but they have many other uses, including marketing with social networks, promoting, contacting famous individuals, and making a name for yourself. Remember when Myspace first burst on the scene how excited people were that they could now start broadcasting their talents for the whole world to see? Many people started their music careers, sold their art, and their knowledge. It shocked American society to see people now getting rich or famous right from their computers at home. It showed that America was indeed the land of opportunity, and that the American dream could easily be achieved.

Soon after, social networks started to flourish when companies and entrepreneurs alike saw the potential of investments, advertising, and marketing with social networks. Thatís when Facebook came in and took the spotlight with its smart advertising. 50 billion dollars later it is now the worldís biggest site and has produced the worldís youngest billionaire. Its advertising system is based upon the conversations that are taking place on the userís page and by the keywords that appeal to the user. The ads on the side adapt to what the user wants to see and that makes for a very successful product placement. There are even softwares being developed for marketing with social networks. Businesses have begun to capitalize on the traffic that can bring potential customers to their niche. Also with social networks now integrated into cell phones, potential customers can be reached at all times. That in turn directly affects the economy which has a huge impact on our society.

Since most cell phones now have social networking the world is also now connected at all times. Studies show that people on average post their thoughts and comments about ten times a day. Additional studies show that when people read happy statuses of others, they show signs of being sad. Yes I said it; social networking has becoming such a part of our lives that it ties in directly to people being envious and being depressed. Everywhere you go its "I saw that on Facebook" or businesses wanting you to find them on Facebook or Twitter. What Iím trying to say is that todayís society has been impacted in a huge way by these social networks. Our everyday lives have been touched and if you donít have an account eventually the day will come where you sign up for a social network.

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